Wake Up Call Book

Wake-Up Call by Cherie Rickard is a moving, inspirational voyage inside the shattered life and broken heart of a mother who tragically and unexpectedly loses her teenage son in a one-car accident. In ways unexpected, practical and real, Cherie gives anyone who has ever experienced the devastating loss of a loved one, real-life, hard-core, often tough spoken but love-laden and extremely practical advice on how to turn life's most tragic blows into triumph by trusting in God and His Word. This is a must-read for anyone who loves someone else . . . Wake-Up Call by Cherie Rickard, published by DerDiZ Media, Inc., goes on sale April 25, 2014.


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Bryant Kite Memorial Foundation is to give strength and courage to those affected by a loss of a loved one; to keep his spirit strong and ever present; to educate teenagers on safety awareness; and to provide scholarship support to students who best exemplify the outstanding qualities exhibited by Bryant during his time on Earth.

The Bryant Kite Memorial Foundation was created by his close friends and family. The inspiration for this endeavor evolved during numerous discussions by so many that loved Bryant. Discussions and reflection on the intent of this memorial foundation settled on a simple yet substantial goal: to honor the memory of a fallen friend by educating and lifting other individuals to the heights of his or her personal best. The promise of this memorial foundation is one of encouragement, education and financial support. The scholarship recipient would be defined as an individual striving for harmony, academic distinction and athletic excellence.



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